Fecal Collection Tube

Fecal Collection Tube

The fecal collection tube is specially designed for collecting and storing nucleic acid in stool specimens.
These screw cap containers include stick for taking the samples and are ideal for collecting and transporting stool specimens.

Material :Food grade PP
Color :Translucent
Capacity :5ml ( 0.16oz )
Sealing Type :Screw Cap
Logo :Screen printing etc.
Payment :T/T, L/C, Paypal

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Product Specification

Tube specifications:

Height*Inner diameter (55.6mm*7.8mm)

Outside dimensions of cassette:

70mm*20mm*5. 5mm

Test strip size:



Fecal Occult Blood (FOB) Diagnostic Kit
(Immune Colloid Gold Method)

Fecal Collection Tube1


There is a disposable cover on the top of the stool collection tube to prevent the outside of the stool collection tube from being affected.